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Spread the love in your care facility this Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine's Day is approaching, a day all about love, kindness and appreciation. For many, Valentine's Day evokes a sense of nostalgia which can be highly beneficial for residents with memory problems. 

Valentine's Day isn't an excuse to just spend as much money as possible, it's an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and show that you appreciate their presence in your life. With age, residents may have lost their significant others, so it's important to encourage our elderly friends to spend the day around friends and family.After all, the day isn't solely about romantic love, but being around people who make you happy!

Whether you're preparing for the special day in your care facility, or planning something special as a visitor ,we've compiled a list of activity ideas for you and your loved one:

  1. Playing romantic music all day can help summon memories of Valentine's Days past. Watching old romantic films as a group is also a nice way of getting the residents together.

  2. Give each resident a real or paper rose, with a message about how they brighten up the home on a daily basis. If they're the best singer, always making everyone laugh oral ways have a smile on their face – let them know.

  3. Think about mixing up the evening meal – you could bring the dishes out in different courses, with sauces drizzled in heart shapes over the food. Strawberries and chocolate for dessert is certainly going to go down a treat.

  4. Download some free templates off the internet and have the residents make some cards with pencils, crayons, cutting and sticking and even paints! If anyone is struggling, offer to write their thoughts down for them.

  5. Cake and biscuit decorating is an easy and tasty activity for residents with all motor skills. Even if the end product doesn't look that polished, it'll certainly taste nice!

  6. Experimenting with non-alcoholic mixology can make Valentine's Day a little more special than usual, and you could even turn your dining room into a little cocktail room for the evening! 

We hope you've enjoyed reading this blog and implement these activities to have a very special day. Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at RDB Star Rating!If you'd like to learn more about our care home assessments, visit our Care Home Inspections page or call us on 01273 411811 today
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