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Carrington Court Care Home, Wigan

The first year that Carrington Court was assessed by RDB, it achieved 3 stars but then gained 4 stars for the next two years and then went on to achieve 5 stars. The main reasons the home decided to undergo the RDB assessment were to maintain and achieve best working practice and to continue to deliver a high standard of service.

Key Benefits

  • Recognition within the community for the quality of care delivered.
  • Any additional income received from having the RDB award is ploughed back into the home.
  • Staff not only enjoy and look forward to the actual RDB assessment and maintaining high standards, but also the preparation and involvement in planning future improvements and achievements.
  • Residents are proud to say the home has 5 stars and their relatives seem pleased the home use the RDB assessment as another way to achieve best practice for their relatives.

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