About RDB

About RDB

RDB Star Rating gains great strength from being based on a partnership approach and fosters greater understanding between the various sectors. For those commissioning social care, RDB has proved to be a powerful tool to identify, reward and promote quality providers. With the focus firmly placed on the resident throughout the assessment, RDB enables providers and commissioners to work together towards the important goal of improved ‘quality of life’, for all those living in a residential care environment.

Participating in the RDB Star Rating scheme is an excellent way for Proprietors/Managers to demonstrate how they provide safe, effective, responsive, compassionate, high-quality care. This is particularly important for their residents, staff, commissioners of care, community professionals, the public, banks, insurance companies and CQC.

The key benefits of the RDB system:

  • Independent Accreditation Company
  • UKAS Accredited
  • Annual Assessment
  • Holistic and objective in its approach
  • Client focused
  • Evidence based
  • Provides a nationally recognised symbol of ‘quality’
  • Gives recognition to ‘quality providers’
  • Empowers purchasers of care to make an informed choice
  • Assists homes with regulatory compliance
  • Provides independent validated external evidence
  • Provides an independent second opinion

For further information, please get in touch or to find out how much it would cost to participate in our scheme, you can download, complete and return the Expression of Interest Form.