Care provider releases New Year plea for social care green paper

Mike Padgham, chair of the Independent Care Group, has expressed a New Year plea for the Government to finally publish its social care green paper.

The plea comes after the Government said in December the social care green paper was being delayed until the ‘earliest opportunity in 2019.’

Mr Padgham said: “If Brexit has a backstop, then social care should have a backstop too, over when the green paper is published, as we cannot wait any longer.

“Carers didn’t get much of a break this festive period. If the Government was truly concerned about the care of our most vulnerable, they should have worked a day longer or should go back a day earlier, to start tackling the crisis.

“Let’s see real change in social care in 2019 and not another year of drift. Then we can all have a Happy New Year.”

The chair has called for an overhaul of social care planning and funding and for the sector to merge with the NHS, as well as greater support for care providers.

The message also proposed a minimum wage for care staff set above the National Minimum Wage.

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