Social work apprenticeship degrees could be delayed until 2019

The social work apprenticeship scheme has experienced further delays, which could mean they won’t be on offer until 2019, a Skills for Care update says.

The scheme, Social Work Apprenticeship Degrees, is a three-year, practice-based route into social work that pays trainees a wage while they earn their degree in social work.

The scheme began development in 2017 and had an aim of being launched this month.

However, a Skills for Care update announced the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) is ‘still asking new questions’ but the group has agreed a £23,000 funding band for each apprentice.

The update said: “A Trailblazer meeting was held to look at the next steps in delivering the apprenticeship.

“The delays in IfA approval means that higher education institutions (HEIs) are unlikely to be ready to deliver the apprenticeship before early 2019.”

The funding band was one of the two areas to be agreed on with the IfA when reports were released about a delay during the summer.

There have also been disagreements over the assessment period.

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