Matt Hancock highlights the ‘intense pressure’ on social care budgets

The new Health and Social care secretary, Matt Hancock, has said the social care budget has been under “more intense pressure,” and highlighted the ongoing demands the NHS face and his long-term plan on workloads, technology and prevention.  Mr Hancock aims to provide the necessary training and funding, so all NHS workers can reach their full potential.  “I want more people working in social care to feel able and supported to grow and develop their careers and step up into those senior roles that are crucial to providing leadership and determining the quality of care received by our loved ones,” Mr Hancock said.

Last month Theresa May proposed that NHS funding will grow on average by 3.4% in real terms each year over the next five years.  In his speech, Mr Hancock also called for less division between community health services and social care and called both sectors one team.  Mr Hancock said: “With demands rising we must find a way to make health and care – by which I mean the whole health and social care system – sustainable for the long term.”  An investment of £20 billion funding will be placed into the NHS to deal with issues of social care, childhood obesity and mental health.

Mr Hancock spoke about prevention and said it is crucial to making the health and social care system sustainable with everyone having a key role to play.  “The integration of the NHS, social care and wider services in local government is vital to getting this right.  Prevention cannot be solved purely by the health and care system alone. Everyone has a part to play,” said Mr Hancock.
The long-term plan will aim to also reduce and tackle waste in the health service and ensure the NHS focuses on using new funding to work smarter and more effectively.  “As a country, we need to find a sustainable approach to fund fair social care for all.”

A comprehensive green paper on social care is scheduled for this autumn, and for more information on Mr Hancock’s speech visit:

By Tamara Birch

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